Welcome, My name is Stanley Buzek a hobbyist knife maker living in Waller,Tx.I have been interested in knives from an early age. My dad gave me my first knife at the age of nine. A small Barlow which I carried for years till I finally sharpened the blade away. My grandmother had a small hand made knife I always admired. It was made by my uncle J.R.Buzek during WW II while stationed aboard an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific. He made the knife from a band saw blade, pieces of Plexiglas from aircraft canopy's and salvaged aluminum. At my grandmothers passing I received this knife and treasure it today. I plan to hand it down to my grandson's along with a few of mine.

These days I make my knives from high grade Stainless Steel by the stock removal method and  forged high carbon steel with high quality handle materials. I favor stabilized woods and Stag.

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do making them.

Stanley Buzek